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Finally got my sister and niece to say yes


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Just had to share my excitement. I’ve been trying to get my sister and niece to say yes to a 10k in Disney and they finally said yes. This past weekend we participated in a 5k in Gettysburg that went thru part of the battlefield and had a great time. My niece and nephew ran but since I’ve had both knees replaced and have RA my sister walked with me. Our pace was a little over 17 and there were a lot of hills. I‘m not in the best shape and I should have walked / trained more before this weekend but it has given me confidence that I can do it.


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Congratulations!!! That's wonderful news!!! Gettysburg must be lovely to run through.

Don't worry, most of the course for an on-property Disney race is flat, except for a road on ramp or two, and not nearly as historic as Gettysburg. But lots of Disney characters, cheering volunteers and cast members. All of you will enjoy it.

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