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Final payment.....

Brian & Jill

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Original Poster
I have a question regarding final payment,so here it is. Do you have to make your final payment before you can start setting up fast passes online?


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We were not paid in full until about 50 days. U can certainly do FP selections at the 60 day mark regardless if u r paid in full or not. Just make sure u have tickets linked!


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when i booked for my upcoming sept.trip MDE gave me the option to pay half when i booked then
and pay other half when i check in..
is that normal?

If your reservation was for a two-night room-only stay, then yes, it's normal.

A Room Only reservation only requires a one-night deposit. The balance doesn't have to be paid until checkin. (Though you're free to pay it off before then if you want). It's only packages that require a $200 deposit and then the balance to be paid off 45 days out.


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