Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment


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Any pictures of the sculpture? Someone said there was a giant Figment statue between the TTC and Contemporary resort, but again no pictures.

In other news, they finally fixed the left hand stuck in the raised position on the animatronic at the Touch and Taste labs platform, although its still not smooth/full motion. Coincidentally after my visit where I told a CM about the issue. Next time someone is there, can someone please tell a CM there about the poor state of the animatronics?


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Definitely not defending it; but it's been noted (and I've actually done it this way before to buy the same thing for the whole family) that the 2 per person is based on the people present, so it could be mom, dad, 3 kids, 2 grand parents, and 3 strangers together; but the 20 buckets could all be purchased on 1 transaction, and then the 1-2 people take them out to the car while everyone else goes on their way....

Though the fact that you can bring the whole family/strangers along to get around it still sucks


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and in a non bucket related post:

What font should I use to put "FIGMENT" in red on a yellow shirt? I usually disney bound as figment (purple pants, yellow shirt w/ the name on it, horns on a headband) and recently got some new shirts, just not sure what font to use (and it's been a few years since I did the other one, so I forget what I used).

Also any opinions if I should just use HTV (now that I have a machine to cut vinyl) or stitch on fabric letters (how my original tank was done [cropped] picture below)


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And they won't redo imagination, even with a *7 hour* wait for a figment popcorn bucket...

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With lines like this for the merch why would they need to?

With the ride being as horrible as it is for such a long time now it’s a miracle that anyone still likes the purple demon. (Yes I know he was more likeable in the original attraction, but it’s been over 20 years since anyone’s experienced that.)

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