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Not sure if this is even the right place for this but it was so fascinating. Ever wonder what happens when a company in another country gets ahold of old character costumes? Well this is what they do with them!

I don’t know if it’s possible to embed a video from Instagram, so here you go! Since Fantsmic isn’t playing right now, enjoy FIALTASMIC!



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The back wall behind the castle looks kinda like a bedroom drawer so it looks like it's super small set for toys but it's an entire set.

Anyone else get this feeling? 😂


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Uhm.. interesting.
After checking out that page, I must say some of those suits had me do a double take...

However...pretty sure the "older" mickey and minnie faces are real by the looks of them.. and in that case, how? I thought they destroy out of circulation parts for character integrity?

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