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Festival of the Arts dining package - necessary?


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We’re heading down for a long weekend next weekend and are interested in catching one of the Disney on Broadway concerts at Epcot. We currently have a lunch package but am wondering if it’s necessary. I know for the Candlelight Procession a dining package is a must, but are the concerts during the other festivals (Arts, Flower and Garden, F&W) worth getting a dining package for?

We’re also staying at Riviera, so would be interested in any reviews on their QS options. We have dinner and breakfast reservations (different days) at Topolino’s.


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If you want a guarantee of a seat and enjoy it relaxed. The bands that are being scheduled for these events have lots of fans that are nostalgic to hear them perform again. Ive seen very, very few concerts where the seating hasnt been filled up. The paid for packages get you in before the rest of the non packaged interested followers. The line build long and fast to get in.
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