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Trip Report Feelin' hot, Hot, HOT!


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How on earth are we back already! But, that's the way it always goes when you go on vacation - you're back before you even know it! We had a great trip with many new experiences, new foods and great, great memories! We had an interesting flight down, a more interesting flight back (details later!) and if you hadn't guessed, it was HOT!

I'm still getting my notes and photos organized, so I will update this TR soon, but wanted to share that the "G" Family has a new addition!! Prior to our trip, we had filled out an application at our local Humane Society to adopt a kitten. We received a call on the Friday we were getting packed up to leave that our application had been approved and that we could pick up the kitten any time that worked for us. I explained we were heading out of town for a week and asked if we could pick her up after we returned and they of course said not a problem. So now we had something fun to look forward to upon our return! When we got home this past Friday, we weren't even in the door 15 minutes and we drove over to the Humane Society to pick her up:happy: Meet Belle:inlove::inlove:

Belle 1.jpg

Belle 2.jpg

Belle 3.jpg

She is just the sweetest thing and is very loved in our home!

Be back soon! I see lots of TR's I need to catch up on too:)


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So. Much. Cuteness!! :cat:
I know, right? And she just loves to snuggle! :happy: It might be hard to see, but her back paws are white and looks like she has little boots on!

Yay! Can't wait to hear about your trip!!!!:)
Can't wait to hear about yours too! I looked for you, @Tuvalu and @gwhb75 but didn't see anyone in the crowds!

I'll be catching up on your TR soon!


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Belle is precious!! So glad to hear that she has joined your family, and I love the fact that you adopted a kitten that needed a loving home. :cat:
Thanks Minnie! We are so happy we adopted her too. I wish we could have adopted more, but we haven't had a cat for many years so thought we should do baby steps:) If it were up to Emily she would have taken all five that were there!

I'm in! Can't wait to hear all about the trip! And Belle is adorable! I wish they could stay that size and age (not that I don't love my adult cat, but they are so fun and cute at that age!!)
Thanks for joining in! Still need to catch up on your report!

Thanks - I wish they would stay that size too - based on her long legs and ears, she may end a pretty tall cat:jawdrop::D We love adult cats too - but yep - they are much more playful when they're so little:cat:


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Here we go!

I'll spare you with the details from Friday (we had an early morning flight Saturday morning) since it wasn't too exciting (except the fact that we were on VACATION!) - we drove down to Madison, had some dinner (wings - we've all see them:joyfull:) and then checked into a local motel to get some sleep since we had to be up by 4:00. There, like I said nothing too exciting!

Saturday, August 19th

We leave for Disney!!! We woke up at 4:00 to my phone alarm and all got out of bed pretty quickly, I mean why not – we’re going to Disney! We all got ready and repacked all of our stuff and were out the door and to the airport by 4:45. The hotel was only 1.9 miles to the airport, and since there’s no traffic at 4:45 in the morning, we got to the airport in about 2-3 minutes! We got checked in pretty quickly as well and in no time, were on our way up to security. There were three people ahead of us in the security line, so it was pretty painless. Got everything gathered up, went to find some coffee and then boarded shortly thereafter.

Brian and Emily first plane.jpg

We had about an hour layover in Chicago, so not too much time between flights and of course our flight out of Madison was delayed like 20 minutes because the flight attendants kept counting the number of passengers because the number in their computer wasn’t matching up with the number of individuals on board. Even the guy scanning the boarding passes came on board to count! We were all getting a little irritated at this point, but eventually they got us off the ground and over to Chicago with a 30 minute flight. Finally in the air!

First Plane Ride.jpg

First plane ride 1.jpg

We had about 20 minutes before our next flight was to begin boarding and we needed to try to find something to eat that we could take on board with us! It was only about 7:00 a.m. so we weren’t super hungry, but we did have a 2 ½ hour flight plus the bus ride to the Beach Club so we figured we should have a little something. Of course there wasn’t whole lot to choose from near our gate, so we had to go searching plus get back to the gate quite quickly. So we walked around trying to find something – Emily wanted a smoothie so we all ended up at Jamba Juice – Emily got a strawberry/banana/apple smoothie and Brian and I each got a yogurt parfait - it was:hungry: We walked quickly back to our gate only to find they had boarded our group, so we got in line and got on pretty quickly.


Em Breakfast.jpg

So exicted!!

Brian and Emily second plane.jpg

Mom and Em second plane.jpg

The flight took off on time and we were able to watch in-flight entertainment. I ended up watching Big Bang Theory:happy: The flight attendants came through with the beverage cart. Just as they were coming through, Emily said she wasn’t feeling good and unfortunately ended up throwing up:hungover:. Thankfully the flight attendant was right there and was able to find a bag for her as none of us had one in our seat pockets. She also was nice enough to get her a wet cool cloth to put over her head to help and then gave her a glass of ginger ale. Poor thing! But we think it was just the nerves of flying and the smoothie on her stomach that made her not feel good as afterwards, she felt much better. I always wondered if anyone ever uses those bags for more than a hand puppet, but yep, we do!

Brian and I shared a bloody Mary:hungry: - is a tradition to share one on our flight to our vacation spot, no matter what time:joyfull:!

Bloody Mary.jpg

The flight was a little rough. At one point the pilot told the flight attendants to take their seats, but it didn’t last too long. We made it into Orlando about 10 minutes early, so that was nice!


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It didn’t take too long and we were off the plane and over to the train that took us to the main terminal so we could find our way over to Disney’s Magical Express! Brian wasn't too thrilled about carrying my bag for me:rolleyes:

Brian and my bag.jpg

Brian's excited!
Brian monorail.jpg

Emily Monorail.jpg

:hilarious: Teenagers when asking to take a photo...

There was a little line when we got there, but it didn’t take long and we were in our line waiting for our bus. Magical Express.jpg

Unfortunately we had to wait like 20 minutes for the Magical Express bus to come and it wasn’t even a Disney bus it was an ugly yellow Mear’s bus! Oh well, we didn’t have to drive and we were on our way quite quickly so all was good! A Magical Express selfie!

Mom and Em ME.jpg

The bus ride was about 25 minutes and we were able to watch a video on our way there. We made it!

Welcome Sign.jpg

We had a stop at Boardwalk first, so unloaded those guests and then next to the Beach Club! We arrived at about 1:00!!
Beach Club Entrance.jpg

Home sweet home! We didn’t do online check-in before we left as we like to have interaction with the Cast Members at the front desk, so we waited in the check-in line for about 10 minutes due to only two Cast Members working and the two guests they were waiting on were taking forever! Thankfully another Cast Member walked up to us with an iPad and she was able to get us checked in that way. I wasn’t too sure our room would be ready because check-in now is 4:00 but she said if we would take a smaller balcony, we could have a room right then – yes please!! We’re not in the room much anyway, so a larger balcony doesn’t do us much good! So off we went to find room 3636. It was right off the elevator, down the first hallway, which was perfect!!

Room number.jpg

I touched my Magic Band to the room and it showed up red? Emily and Brian both tried theirs and they worked, so I knew I would need to go back down to the front desk to see what’s going on, but that could wait a bit! Let's check out the room!


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Room shots!

I love this picture - I would love to find it for our house!!

Mickey and Minnie Kite.jpg

Bathroom Vanity.jpg



Beachy Photos.jpg

TV stand.jpg

The room is lovely and we were very excited to be spending the next week-ish there!

That's all for now - our kids go back to school Tuesday so we're heading out to go school clothes shopping:bawling: So not ready for "summer" to be over!