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Feedback on park reservations


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I previously posted about this, but thought I would start a new thread as I have made some changes. Can I please have some feedback? We are going 7/5-7/12 and staying at Beach Club. We have two reservations for HS as we want to maximize our chances of getting a boarding pass for ROTR. Thx!

Arrival day, Monday, 7/5 (taking early morning flight from Boston)-Epcot
Tuesday, 7/6-HS
Wednesday, 7/7-MK
Thursday, 7/8-Epcot
Friday, 7/9-HS
Saturday, 7/10-AK
Sunday, 7/11-MK


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Looks fine (balanced) to me -- especially if you have parkhoppers, so you can go elsewhere on your HS days if you can't get an RoTR boarding group, and/or once the lines get prohibative. I've also read that if you decide to switch up your park reservations during your vacation, HS is the hardest one to switch to (the most likely to be fully "booked") and the easiest to switch from, so it's good to have 2 days reserved there, to start.
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