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i was told from a friend that disney would offer 50% discounts on tickets to federal law enforcement and security personnel through march 2002...does anyone know if this is true?


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Not True.

This rumor is not true. Annheiser Busch did a promotion for all law enforcement, fire, ems and military until Dec. 31, 2001 by allowing them free entrance into their theme parks, with discount admissions for family members. Universal Studios has followed suit by allowing the same personal free entrance into their theme parks until April 30th, 2002 and reduced admissions for family members. Check out the official website of Universal for exact details.

Disney has a promotion for ACTIVE duty military only until April 30th, 2002. I am a police officer in Texas. I will be taking my family to WDW in February. When I first heard about the promotion I emailed Disney and asked if they were going to include law enforcement, fire and ems and they replied stating no. Too bad other parks can do this but Disney won't. I say won't becasue I am sure they could if they wanted. :(

Of course, I still love WDW and I am taking my family, we just won't be able to stay as long as we could of had they extended this offer to others than just the military.


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2nd reply


I thought that I would include the actual email from Disney World on this matter. Hope this clears everything up on this matter.

Thank you for contacting WALT DISNEY WORLD!

While we appreciate your interest, at this time, no plans relating to a "Firefighter or Policeman's Offer" have been announced. If you have been advised that such an offer exists, please contact that source for any information.

Please feel free to contact us here at Online Sales or you may contact the Disney Reservation Center at the following number:

(407) W DISNEY

If you have questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

Please include your full name, E-Mail address, and reservation number if applicable on all correspondence.

Thank you!


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Get ridda that lang, or get outta this forum! Your comments are not welcomed here, and if your comments aren't welcome here, then you are most likely not welcome here as well. You could have just as easilly said "forget."


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Eerybody has an opinion

Everybody has right to say what they think and you sure did, so let me say something. Sounds like you may be living a lifestyle that causes this negative attitude and if youare you should hate us because we'll be the one's throwing your sorry little rear in the slammer for a long time. I hope thats not the case though. Everybody will need the services of a police officer or other law enforcement agency someday and I hope that your attitude changes becasue they are there to help. So good luck in you future endevors.


A Loyal Police Officer serving his fellow citizens in Texas:king:


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hey Bdis if you didn't notice i bleeped the naughty part, hence the @#$^$ stuff on my reply. i was quoting a song by an artist that i feel speaks a little truth, personal opinion. i'm not out to offend anyone with a personal attack and the statement i made was a generalization, not specific. some cops are cool some are jerks they are people like you and me. I don't feel they should get special admission prices at Disney because they do a job. If that happens all gov't positions should get a discount. this is the long and drawn out version of what my other post said in my eyes. I try to obey the law and shouldn't spend any time in jail if I'm lucky. and that comment on the other post surely couldn't apply to anyone reading these posts because if you're friend of Disneys you're a friend of mine.(this means you Tex)

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That's fine. But Bdis's comment referred to your language. Using #$%!* doens't make it any better. We all knew what you were trying to say, and wheter or not you were quoting Ice T is irrelevant. Just like he said, there is no reason why you can't clean it up a little. Just my opinion, though.:D

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