Favourite Souvineer Candy.

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On our last visit two years ago we popped into the candy shop on the right at main street USA.Opp the emporium,and we bought these Tins of candy/fudge.They had different flavours,and the tin had Mickey and friends on the front.I can't for the life of me remember exactly what it was called,candy,fudge,whatever,and iam sure they were dark/plain chocolate.Has anybody seen or bought them,and if not,what would you recommend as a Souvineer for friends back home?.:slurp:


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There was a great cotton candy they used to sell..Not sure if they still do..But, originally it was called Stitch's Candy Experiments and it was a Sour Green Apple Cotton Candy..Then it changed names of the Goofy Candy Company..While it said to be sour..It wasn't.

Also they have a good Mid-size Mickey head rice krispy at Main Street confectionary for $12.99 that were really good.

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When I was there January 2011, I bought a pack of 4 candy bars. Each wrapper dipicted a different park. The chocolate was pretty good.:)


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Jalapeno Caramel Popcorn - But I believe they no longer sell this, haven't found it on my last 2 trips. :( Nobody even knows what I'm talking about when I ask a CM.



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Candy? Love the Mickey chocolate bars that rsox mentioned earlier. I like their mint selection as well. I usually take home a box of small minnies bake shop cookies and a few rice krispie treats as well.


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I'm with mrg1106. We love to bring home yummy treats from Goofys. Those cookies are phenominal!! We always intend for the box of cookies to make it home to the in-laws, but they've yet to survive the ride home! :lol:

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