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Favorite WDW Mountain

Favorite WDW Mountain

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Mt. Fantasmic. Awsome! What other mountian has a fire-breathing dragon inside?

btw. Typhoon Lagoon's mountain in Mt. Mayday, and Summit Plummit resides on Mt. Gushmore.


New Member
Splash was always my favorite, but I am truly excited about EE. The Yeti is so cool. I haven't ridden yet, but all of the photos I have seen have made me very excited. I saw a really nice night time shot. Awesome!
I thought more people would vote for Space Mountain. It was really a toss up for me between Splash Mountain and Space Mountain though I haven't been to Disney since the opening of Expedition Everest. Hopefully it will change my mind!

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I would have to go with Splash Mountain.I havent been to Animal Kingdom since Expedition Everest opened. then i would have to go with space mountain and the thunder mountain. What is Summit Plumet?

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