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Favorite "resting" places in the parks?

Brad Bishop

Well-Known Member
- Center Street (I think that's it's official name). Directly across from the Emporium on Main St. A few chairs and a table back there and it's quiet.
- The path between the train station in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.. Far side of the Tomorrowland Speedway.
- Tom Sawyer Island
- There's a a spot near the exit of Big Thunder that's pretty nice.

- I like to sit by the lagoon over by the Rose & Crown in the UK.

- As mentioned before, the tables down the hill by the lake are pretty nice.


Well-Known Member
MK: Tomorrowland Terrace

Epcot: Innoventions West South Corridor or the Horrid new name The "D" Zone...

AK: Flame Tree Anteater seating Area.

DHS: Backlot Express Back area..


Well-Known Member
Magic Kingdom - The charging stations by Rapunzel's tower. There are many people that pass but the little wooded area is almost frozen in time and makes a perfect place to just sit and relax. I also enjoy Gaston's Taveran now that the hype has died down. The room with the fireplace is amazing.

Epcot - The empty hallway next to the exit of Character Spot is great. Natural light, virtually empty and reminds you of the old Epcot. The gardens of Japan are perfection in more ways then one. There is a table at the very top that is always empty and you no longer feel like you are in a theme park.

Hollywood Studios - I did like to stop and sit in Streets of Americs for a while and just watch the people.

Animal Kingdom - virtually anywhere but the little nooks in Harambe are the best

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