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Favorite QS in Disney Hollywood Studios

Ricky Spanish

Well-Known Member
The fairfax salad at Fairfax Fare.


Well-Known Member
Haven't done Galaxy's Edge yet, but we often liked going to Rosie's All-American and getting a burger then sitting out under the umbrellas. The burger isn't anything special but was always fine.


Active Member
Agree with the Woodys lunch box brisket melt. The ribs at Docking Bay 7 were really salty when I got them (to the point where they were hard to eat). Don't know if that was a bad batch or the way they are prepared. The other items at Docking Bay look intriguing too. Ronto Roasters also has potential, but I couldn't stuff any more food in that afternoon. I think SWGE will end up being the go-to QS in DHS for anything other than burgers/nuggets/dogs.
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