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Favorite Park

Favorite Park

  • Magic Kingdom

    Votes: 79 50.3%
  • Epcot

    Votes: 51 32.5%
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Votes: 16 10.2%
  • Disney Hollywood Studios

    Votes: 11 7.0%

  • Total voters


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Original Poster
What is your favorite park in Walt Disney World?

Mine is a close tie between Magic Kingdom and Epcot with Epcot winning.


Active Member
This is a bit tough with what everyone has said between Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Imma gonna go with Magic Kingdom because it just gives me the most magical feeling I guess you can say. Even though drinking around the world also gives you that magical feeling.....just a slightly different perception of it though. :lol:


New Member
ok, mine is MK, I still have a young daughter- 9, so it just gives me joy to see how much fun she has in this park and the magic she experiances.


Well-Known Member
In order for me:

Magic Kingdom
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Animal Kingdom

That is the way it has always been for me. I don't really know why. When I was a kid growng up(we were poor, we even wrote Oprah to see if she could help get me to Disney...she didn't) my dream was to go to Disney World. I lovvved the movies more than anything. I am now 22 and planing my 4th Disney trip. I can't wait. I think I rank the parks the way I do because I am, and always will be a kid a heart! :)


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And spots 2 and 3 flip flop very easily. If the shows at the Studios would get updated, it would definitely be my #2.


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I love Epcot 1st and foremost for many reasons. I love the space it provides so people are not smushed together on a busy day for the most part,I love the total look of the park esp. at night with the lighting and last but not least my favorite night time show Illuminations is there.The music and fireworks are my favorites.

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