Favorite park "nap zones"

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I'm former Army, so I could Sleep in a jump seat on a C-130 or sleep with my hand lock in a holder in a M113 APC. I usually am amped from Rope drop to fireworks, but I have been known to nap something more lately. First tome to WDW so I was taking in all the sites and sounds with first timer giddiness. By the time we were any any one park a 2nd time day 5 and on, I did find myself napping on the monorail, the boat, and catching a quick z in a resort lobby, while my wife and daughter perused the shops.


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One time, after riding RnRC, I was so dizzy that I needed to sit down and do nothing for a few minutes. (Not sure why I got dizzy that time - never happened to me before that day or after.) Went into Sounds Dangerous and fell straight asleep.

Worked like a charm.

Other than that, the best nap isn't for me at all. I love carrying my kids home at the end of the night. Completely exhausted, clinging to me like baby gorillas. I remember doing the same thing when I was a kid. Best reward for a successful day at the parks.


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A good nap time for me is flying the GOOFY7 approach to Orlando.

I'm guessing the new Skyliner will be a perfect place to catch up and pass out, depending on how far or fast.

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I can't nap on anything that has a start and finish, like any of the attractions. That said, I've napped upstairs at PVH, on the monorail (just get on and keep going until I wake up) and in an rocking chair on Tom Sawyer Island.


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the only "attraction" i've ever fallen asleep on is american adventure. [i haven't been in hall of presidents in years but i think when i was a kid i fell asleep in there too]
i hate to sound like a whiny teenager but... i like history and all but... not when it's a bunch of old people talking blandly for a half hour.

i have fallen asleep on couches and benches and restaurant tables several times though.
never in COP, never on the peoplemover, never on ellen, never on SSE, never in any of the world showcase films. i know a lot of people find all of those boring but i love them.


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This may be an unpopular one, but I've dozed off on HM. It's just so dark in there...

A couple of years ago, I went on a graduation trip to Disneyland, then I took a plane and went straight to WDW. I was tired the first weekend at WDW, and my brother had gone to school that week and was tired. We went to the pool and fell asleep in lounge chairs.


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Peoplemover, Living With The Land, Spaceship Earth, Haunted Mansion, Impressions de France, and Carousel of Progress. This is also a list of my six favorite attractions, so I try not to take too long a nap on them.

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