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Favorite Park Music


New Member
Check out the thread in my sig. We had fun with this a few weeks ago. Although it was for songs only - not all music.

The music is one of the chief things that sets Disney Parks apart from the rest - IMO.


Well-Known Member
1) Illuminations: ROE
2) Energy Adventure Medley
3) Golden Dreams
4) SSE (current music)
5) Honey, I Shrunk the Audience Theme
6) Star Tunnel Music (Space Mountain)
7) CTX Theme (Dinosaur)
8) Grim Grinning Ghosts
9) Soarin'
10) Galactic Anthem (SGE)

Honorable mention to Spectro


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My "I know I'm in WDW now" music is the Innoventions loop. There is certainly better music in WDW but it gives me butterflies =) I try not to listen to it much at home so it doesn't lose that feeling.


Well-Known Member
Innoventions Plaza Loops 19 & 52 Min Versions
Future World Entrance Loop
Tommorowland Current Loop
Illumnations Preshow
Wonders of Life Loop
Universe of Energy Exterior Loop
YOUR Disney Resort Channel Music..(Smooth jazz version of Disney Songs)


Lady Tremaine's School of Refinement drop-out
Premium Member
Mainstreet USA loop
Liberty Square
'Fantasy in the Sky' music (still my favorite)
Spectromagic music


New Member
Soarin', without a doubt, is my top Disney World song.

The music that plays before Illuminations as well as "Promise" that plays after always fills me with that special feeling.

I love the Fantasmic! music. A lot.

Epcot Entrance loop is always great. As well as Impressions de France. I guess anything from Epcot :lol:

Now I'm going to listen to all of those :lol:


New Member
The Christmas music they play at Animal Kingdom is fantastic. Also, I still find myself singing the Jammin' Jungle Parade song from DAK even though I haven't worked there in quite some time!!


Active Member
splash mt, phillarmagic, fantasmic, soarin, and the "what are you celebrating" theme song by the The Main Street Philharmonic at magic kingdom


New Member
HM,Spash ,Pirates and I love the line music on Sorin where they play the games in line,and back ground music at the Poly resort.I used to love the line outside music at RNR when they played other artists music other than Aerosmith (love Aerosmith) they would play George Harrison ,ACDC and other 80 music.

Susan Savia

Well-Known Member
Entrance music at Epcot and around the Innoventions area. We love to sit eating a Mickey Bar in that area and just soaking it in. :ROFLOL:

Future Guy

Active Member
The old Living Seas area music was great, very relaxing. Anything from Horizons, naturally, and I also loved the many variations of "It's Fun to be Free" that made up the WOM area loop. The old JII area loops that combined "One Little Spark" and "Magic Journeys" never fail to bring a smile to my face, either.

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