Favorite mode of transportation

What's your favorite WDW transportation?

  • Bus

    Votes: 8 9.3%
  • Monorail

    Votes: 53 61.6%
  • Boat/Ferry

    Votes: 25 29.1%
  • Parking Tram

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

Captain Barbossa

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With all the hype about the new sky tram, I thought this would be fun. WDW transportation is part of the WDW experience. Out of buses, monorails, boats/ferries, and parking trams, there is just something special about WDW transportation. I'm sure everyone has their favorite. I've been on everything except the ferries and parking trams. I love the monorail. It has that distinctive smell (y'all know what I'm talking about?) that I think smells wonderful. Other people may have a different opinion about the smell, but I like it. But, my favorite mode of WDW transportation has to be the buses. I know a lot of people don't like the buses because they sometimes run late, and sometimes they do, but there's just something about them. I also have a bunch of bus stories, which I'm sure everybody else has as well. I just enjoy the buses the most. So, what's your favorite mode of WDW transportation? Any good memories or stories?


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I always love taking the monorail since it's uniquely Disney, and I'd love it more if it went to more than just Epcot and the Magic Kingdom area. It's also a bit annoying how the Express doesn't run in the mornings...


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I would have to say bus, because the monorail, boats and trams don't go "everywhere". (Besides, the monorail smells horrible)


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The monorail is definitely my favorite, but I enjoy all modes of Disney transportation. Taking Disney's transportation is part of what makes it feel like a complete vacation to me, instead of just a quick day trip. I know a lot of people aren't fans of the busses, but I personally have had plenty of magical bus rides (especially when the drivers are talkative and share facts/tell jokes/etc.).


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The last time I was on the monorail in October, the cabin we were in smelled just like the horse stall. Is that the distinctive smell you get lol? My husband thought it smelled like that too but some people in the cabin with us looked at me like I was crazy. My favorite depends on the weather - if it's cooler then I like the relaxing boat ride. But if it's hot and humid outside, not much is better to me than getting on a bus with the AC blasting lol.


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Although I enjoy the relaxing boat/ferry rides, my favorite continues to be the monorail. Riding the monorail is so unique, I can't get a monorail ride anyplace else. Its another thing that screams "Its Disney" to me. Getting a first view of the castle as we go around the resort loop is a must do before we start hitting MK. Fortunately years ago I was able to get a ride up front all the way to EP before they discontinued them.

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