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Favorite Load/Unload Area

Love RnRC because I adore Steven Tyler, and ToT is awesome as well, but I think my favorite is probably Big Thunder Mountain, because I love talking along with the warning as you get on..."'cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness."


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Definatly Tower of Terror. Great Movie ride is pretty good too, and I have to mention Maelstrom, which has one of the best unload areas at WDW and one of the most uninteresting load areas. But the unload area definatly makes up for it.


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Here's my picks from each park

MK: Definently Space Mountain

EPCOT: This might be the hardest to choose. I tend to lean towards the Maelstrom (Nothing extremely moving for me in EPCOT at the time being.)

STUDIOS: I'll take Star Tours. Great queuing area.

AK: It's Tough To Be A Bug


New Member
MK: definately HAUNTED MANSION!! it has all the chandelliers with the cobwebs and then you get on the moving ramp and get to sit in your doom buggy, and usually the cast members seating you are great.
EPCOT: i think maelstrom has a great unload area but i guess i would have to say test track
MGM: definately rock n roller coaster, i love the alleyway and watching the limo take off
AK: it's tough to be a bug! i love the movie posters (antie, beauty and the bees) and all the songs the insects sing while your waiting to be seated in the theathre


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Magic Kingdom: Either Splash Mountain or Haunted Mansion
Animal Kingdom: Dinosaur or Kilimanjaro Safaris
MGM Studios:Tower of Terror or RNRC
Epcot:Test Track


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MK: Space Mountain, Pirates, Splash Mountain, It's A Small World.
Epcot: Test Track, Spaceship Earth.
DHS: The Great Movie Ride, Toy Story Mania.
DAK: Dinosaur.


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MK: Pirates or HM
Epcot: Soarin (i like the pictures of all the natural beauty of Earth and the preshow) or Test Track
DHS: TOT or Great Movie Ride
AK: Kali or Everest


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FYI Splash Mountain definetly has safety spiehls now. Theyve even stopped the ride when someone stood up a few times.

also Splash is pretty boring for the most part. I think my favorite in MK is either Pirates of the Carribean or Space Mountain (love the music).

Epcot- Test Track

DHS- Tower of Terror for sure. Rock n Roller comes second. Didnt much like the Star Tours there

Animal Kingdom- Expedition Everest. Hon mention to Dinosaur

Universal Florida- Shrek 4-D just because of all the posters. Mummys probably good but I was in Single Riders line and literally walked to the front. Twister and Simpsons are good too.

Universal IOA- Spiderman's not bad. I'd say Jurassic Park though.

Disneyland- Star Tours is great there but Indiana definetly takes the cake. Roger Rabbit's good too.

DCA- We went a few months after they opened so no Tower of Terror yet, etc. Probably the only good queue area was Its Tough to be a Bug for the posters. All the other lines were either outside or just really lame.

Universal California- I really liked BTTF. Jurassic Parks good as well.

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