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Favorite Forgotten, Closed, or Underrated Attractions


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Original Poster
I was just thinking about all of the popular Disney World icons, and I was wondering, what are some of your favorite underrated attractions and what are your favorite forgotten attractions that have closed?


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I loved Alien Encounter as a teenager.... I don't think I would ride it now if it came back, I would be too scared!:eek: But still, I have good memories from that ride, my father, my sister and I being thrilled, my mother and grandmother being scared to death!!! (As a teen it was funny, now not so much...)


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River Country hands down. Why did we have start caring about safety? ;)

Rides- Mr Toad's and Body Wars.
Resorts- Beaches without a fence.


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MK- 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
EP- Body Wars and Innoventions when it was cool
HS- Streets of America (eaaaaaaaasily)
Resorts- The Walkway from Grand Floridian to the MK. Oh...wait.... LOL!

Jason McBrien

New Member
20,000 Leagues under the sea, since I never got to go on it (it was always being repaired when I was there)
River Country, for the same reasons as 20,000 leagues :)
PUSH - only saw him once - he was following me around after I came out of the bathrooms by the Speedway
Communicore (Computer review, SMRT-1, how the phone system works, etc...)
The old EPCOT gift shop that had all kinds of cool science kits, robot kits, marble runs, etc... that you couldn't find anywhere else
The Living Seas
Universe of Energy before the Ellen conversion (cool moving panel screen in the intro, flowing lava in the dinosaur area)
The end of Spaceship Earth with the flashing, swirly overhead lights
Spaceship Earth with Walter Cronkite
The original Dreamfinder Imagination ride (with the insanely awesome upstairs area)
The old "intro" area to the Cool Station, mainly because it was freezing cold
Test Track 1.0 (I like 2.0, too, but 1.0 was much more test-track-y)
The Robot and Bird show from World of Motion
Lights, Motors, Action (Best live-action show by a wide margin, IMHO)
Bill Nye in the Dinosaur / Countdown to Extinction ride
Alien Encounter (instead of the Stitch show) do everything in XS!
The Animation tour when it was a functioning animation studio
The castle restaurant when it served decent food

Lastly, I'm going to miss the snorkeling with the fishes attraction at Typhoon Lagoon

a goofy username

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captain eo purely for the 80's cheese
maelstrom, because it was a favorite of my family's (lines were always reliably short)
original star tours (again, 80's cheese, also paul reubens)


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i think the ones i miss the most would be maelstrom, snow white, & mr toad. as far as underrated, i'll go with carousel of progress & living with the land


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River Country hands down. Why did we have start caring about safety? ;)

Rides- Mr Toad's and Body Wars.
Resorts- Beaches without a fence.
Agreed on River Country. I saw a YouTube video with someone filming abandoned River Country. I saw myself as a kid there and recognized almost everything. It was very strange.


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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - most immersive attractions at WDW
Mr. Toads Wild Ride
Horizons - Only saw it once, don't remember it, but people love it
River Country - I know about the amoeba, but it was such a fun park. Made you think a bit like you were Tom and Huck

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