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Favorite cold weather WDW food

Captain Barbossa

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I know that it doesn't get cold very often at WDW, but when it does, I'm sure there has to be some foods that taste better than others. I've only been to WDW once when it's been real cold and I remember getting a turkey leg. Now I get turkey legs every time I go, but this particular turkey leg is the best one I have ever had at WDW. The temperature and the flavor of the turkey leg combined with the cold weather outside just made a good experience that I will never forget (weird huh?). What food have you eaten that went well with a cold WDW trip?


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The soups (especially the Mulligatawny soup) at BOMA. Good stuff.


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Most of our WDW trips weve been looking for ways to cool down instead of warm up. But on those few occasions when the weather has turned chilly... we start off with a nice warm breakfast in the food court with plenty of coffee. In the parks we look for things to add warmth. Hot chocolate from the Main St Bakery. A nice hot pretzel with cheese is a warming option. I enjoy a steamed hot dog from Caseys. A warm Cinnamon bun at Gastons takes away a chill. I enjoy Harbour House's warm chicken pot pie and a chowder or a warm soup from another restaurant.


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Sanaa @ AKL... A little spice will warm you right up! I prefer this location over BOMA (though the mulligatawny soup truly is awesome) for various reasons.
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