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Favorite CM


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My favorite cast member works for security. We found him in the parking lot of Downtown Disney the night we were stranded and couldn't get back to our off property hotel.(Tried to save a buck....will never do it again:) ) He drove us all the way back to our Days Inn!!!
Thank you ________....wherever you are.


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Jim and John from Epcot Security, Karen from International Programs, Danni from GR, Ryan from GMR, and Maria from Mexico... :lookaroun :D :animwink:


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Originally posted by Maria
Jim and John from Epcot Security, Karen from International Programs, Danni from GR, Ryan from GMR, and Maria from Mexico... :lookaroun :D :animwink:


One of my favorites is a waiter at Cindy's castle. We've had him 3 times!! and he's the best.... tall, and bald with glasses is all I can remember! :lol: But he's been great, every time.


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I like the CM from Mexico because everytime I go to the Mexican Pavillion I talk in spanish with them and all, and they get all excited.... anyways they are nice and cool :sohappy:


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On one of our trips to Disney World, we went on the Tower of Terror many, many times like usual, but one of the workers there played the part of a bellhop extremely well. I got my picture taken with him. I think his name was Clark. He is an older man, but very cool! I haven't seen him since, but if anyone knows who I mean, it would be cool for a reply.


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Besides MKT (BF, before fire) it would have to be TJ from the ToT. Remember that guy who played the bell hop during the WDW special on the Travel Channel? That was him...

"Please do enjoy your stay.... "


Hmmm this is a tough one. I have never had a bad experience with a cast member... that is an understatment though, because when I have dealt with cast members they have ALL been exceptional... let's see. My favorites would have to be the CM who played Snow White last year at MK - she just did it so well! She looked just like Snow White and moved with such gentleness and smoothness that I was convinced she WAS Snow White (as was my little neice who became so excited when Snow White waved to her as she was exiting through some CM doors and called my neice a "Princess" (my neice turned to me loaded with pride and said excitedly "Did you hear that?? Snow White said I was a princess!! a princess!" I don't know her name, she's Snow White.

The others would be Mary, a custodial CM at EPCOT, she was one of the most friendly CM's I have encountered.

And of course the CM's that have flirted with me in the past.

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