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favorite car movies?

Daniel Johnson

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Original Poster
Just saw f&f7...I have to be honest, horrible acting, but some great car and fight scenes. I haven't seen any other f&f movies except the first, but, it got me craving other great car related movies...
What's your favorite car movies?
As a kid, HERBIE! #53. Then onto more common flicks, BTTF (Love DeLoreans) , Christine, Vanishing Point, Bullet (Steve McQueen) I loved Death Proof with Kurt Russell (Tarantino), Dukes of Hazzard, & Smokey and the Bandit. I actually enjoyed the reboot Duke's Film, Jay Chandrasekhar did a great job having fun with it. (Super Troopers et. al). The Fast and Furious franchise has been a fun ride, no pun intended. Bond films are also car movies very much so to me, and they always come through with lots of action. Im sure their are more I cant surface at the moment, but those are some key films I enjoy.


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I'm a big fan of the F&F franchise, Driven, Vanishing Point, Gone in 60 Seconds, Italian Job. I mean I could keep going here lol.


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Death Proof

Best car chase ever filmed, hands-down, and probably the only car chase from the last 20 years that's even enjoyable (or comprehensible) to watch.

I would count Fury Road (which is incredible), but that's more of a truck chase than a car chase.
Currently watching Fury Road win like 30 Oscars, btw.

Mickey Ears

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Cars of course.

Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby: I love Will Ferrell and think he is hilarious and so was this movie. It also had some pretty neat car stuff in it as well.


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My all-time favorite from when I was a kid and saw it in a theater - Dad, Can I Borrow The Car.
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