Favorite Buffet (or Family Style) at Disney World?


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What is your favorite buffet or all you care to eat restaurant at Disney World?

My favorite is Boma. Ohana and the Garden Grove at the Swan (Seafood Buffet) are my two runner ups.



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1. Boma (for Uniqueness and Quality)
2. Tusker House (for Experience and Variety)
3. Cape May (a Seafood Buffet, all you care to eat crab legs)


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Not that I’m super well versed in Disney buffets, but our experiences at Boma have always been fantastic. Just ate there Tuesday night. Friendly staff, excellent quality food, love the variety and options, and love being at AKL. We also ate at LTT Thursday and enjoyed it very much.


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Tusker House - been there for breakfast and lunch and both excellent experiences. There's good variety of food and the building is beautifully themed.


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Toss-up between Boma and O'Hana for food quaality, IMO.

Tusker House, for being in -park.
1900 PF for having Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the Tremaines when my daughter was younger.

HDDR for best entertainment.
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