Fastpass+ window question 🤦‍♀️I should know this by now.


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On our next trip we plan on staying on property for only the first 2 nights. (We have plans at other Orlando area attractions). We want to spend those nights enjoying as much as we can of AKL and NOT go to the parks on those days. Because we want to spend days in the park when we are at a boring average hotel lol.

So we will be ordering our park tickets with the 2 night stay. I know I will have to pay parking fees on those days, since we won't be current hotel guests. But how far out can I book fastpasses? Can I book fastpasses 60 days out on nights we are not staying?

For example we stay at AKL on Monday and Tuesday night, check out Wednesday, and want to go to the park on Friday and Saturday. Would I be able to use the 60 day window from Monday nights stay to book fastpasses? Or because it is days after our Disney resort stay will I then need to wait for the 30 day window to book them?

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When your 60 day window opens it will allow you to book FPs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only. Any day past Wednesday will be greyed out and you won’t be able book until 30 days out, one day at a time.
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