Fastpass+ selections vs. Jedi Training sign-ups?

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Anyone have any experience with scheduling their 3 FP+ picks at HS, then hurrying in that morning to sign up for Jedi Training Academy? Will the CMs at sign-ups "work around" your FP+s? We have to leave the park the day of our visit by 3:30 to make the airport shuttle for home; I've "booked" FP+ picks including TSMania; I'm hoping to get my kids signed up for Jedi Training too. If I reach the head of the sign up queue and the show that my kids should be in conflicts with a FP+ I've made, will they let me sign up for a later show that fits in? I know you can adjust FP+s on the fly, but I'm betting we wouldn't be able to move TSMania at that point, esp. on our abbreviated schedule. Thanks in advance for any help.
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