FastPass+ Impact on Standby Lines at DAK


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As part of the final rollout of FastPass+ (FP+), Disney permitted offsite guests to use FP+ for the first time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (DAK) beginning on December 18, 2013.

Unlike onsite guests who could make their FP+ selections prior to arrival, offsite guests were required to use one of several FP+ kiosks conveniently located throughout the park to make their FP+ selections. Guests were allowed to make up to 3 FP+ selections at once, depending on availability.

During the period, only FP+ was available for use at DAK while WDW’s other three theme parks continued to use a mix of FP+ (for onsite guests) and legacy FP.

The people at collect extensive Standby line data for all major rides at WDW. These data are archived and accessible via their webpage. These data represent the most comprehensive source of data available to the public.

A comparison of data from December 18-31, 2012 with December 18-31, 2013 reveals a noticeable difference in wait time trends between DAK and WDW’s other 3 theme parks.

For the two-week period in question:
  • Magic Kingdom Standby line wait times decreased by 0.9%
  • Epcot Standby line wait times decreased by 7.5%
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios Standby line wait times decreased by 5.2%
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Standby line wait times increased by 6.0%
I emphasize that these data are preliminary and by no means conclusive. Additional data collection and further analysis will be needed to tell if this is an actual trend or just a coincidence.

Again, it’s far too soon to draw any conclusion. However, I thought some might be interested in these very early results.


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Oh great, I hope this isnt a sign of whats to come.


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I would draw two things from the data:
1. Many guests probably glossed over the FP+ handouts given to them at the entrance gates and went straight to rides, some thinking that paper FPs would be available. Instead they got in standby lines.

2. Other guests DID use FP+ but were then maxed out after their 3 rides. Only alternative left was standby lines.

Conclusion: FP+ has a direct correlation to increased waits at standby lines.


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Since Epcot and DHS dropped. I wonder if people wanted to head to AK to check out MM+?
That's an interesting idea. So interesting, I wish I had thought of it. :)

I could imagine some offsite or local guests deciding to head over to DAK to try out FP+, maybe altering their plans just enough to explain the drop at Epcot and DHS.

It will be interesting to see what the data shows once FP+ is fully available at all the parks.

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