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FastPass + Adding Guests


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We are a family of 4 traveling with another family of 3. We linked our MDE apps and can see each other's plans. Well, my friends originally booked fast passes for all 7 of us for Flight of Passage. My six year old adamantly declared that she was not going to ride FoP, so I changed our 4 FP+ reservations to Navi River. Fast Forward a month and now my six year old says she MUST ride FoP. Anyway, I see a "add guests" option to my friend's FP+ reservations. When I click on it and go through the screens, it seems like its going to let me add my family of 4 to their FoP FP+ reservation. The last screen, however, is a sad Olaf error message saying "they can't put this screen together" or something like that. Is this really an option to add people linked to the account to an existing FP reservation? I'm tempted to call Disney to try to resolve this, but also don't want to go through all that work if someone on the other end is just going to tell me that there are no more FP+ reservations for FoP available. Thanks!


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It works when it’s not a high demand FP.

Unfortunately you are probably out of luck for FoP.

You *might* have success if you visit Guest Relations at AK and explain the situation. There is a designated FP CM at all the parks who can sometimes make magic happen.
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