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Fast pass for FOP or NRJ with 2 small kids?


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My 60 day window is coming up and I am confused on what to do for my FP choices. My husband and I would love to go on FOP, but we have 2 young kids, who are too short to ride. They can only ride on NRJ. It's my understanding we can only choose a fast past for one pandora ride. What would be the best strategy for each of us to ride FOP...while still being able to ride on NRJ as a family without having to wait in line for hours? I do not believe there is a single rider line available for FOP? Thanks!


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There is no single rider for FOP. If doing both is key, FP one, and then plan on getting to AK before rope drop and trying to do the other then absolute first thing. Admittedly, a few thousand of your closest friends may have the same idea. Best bet, go to AK twice and book one each day.


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Adults first: Get the FP for FOP as otherwise you'll certainly never get on or in a reasonable timeframe. Roll the dice with NRJ.

Kids first: Get the FP for NRJ, plan FOP for another trip or go single rider, taking turns watching the kids.
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