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Fast Pass and rider swap


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We will be going next month with our (then) 9 month old baby as well as our two other children. We have never done the rider swap before and are curious how it works. Can we do it with our fastpasses? If, say, I make our fastpass+ reservations (we are staying offsite, so we haven't done FP+ yet), and I get a FP for all 4 of us for, say, Test Track, can we get a rider swap so each of us can ride with the kids? How does that work since the older two kids each only have one fastpass? Do they still get to ride twice?


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Great question! I too will be in the world next month (may 5-12), and we are a party of 6. Myself, my wife, my sister, and our 3 kids, the youngest being 7 months old when we go.

In general, when using the baby swap pass, you need to go to the ride attendant outside the ride line and ask for a baby swap pass (make sure you have the baby with you when asking). They will give you a paper pass. The pass is good for up to 3 people to use. You and your 2 kids ride first. Then after that, your husband and the kids go to the FP line, hand over the pass, and get to use the FP line to go an ride.

Now with the FP+ in effect, basically there is a side step which can get you more FP options, in conjunction with using the baby swap.

You essentially split your FP selections between multiple rides. Here is an example of what we did.

Schedule everyone initially for 3 FP experiences. Once those are confirmed, you will go back and modify your experience. Let's say you got FP for splash mountain for everyone. You and one child will keep the splash pass, but you will modify the FP selection for your husband and other child, changing their selection to Big Thunder Mountain. Now you and one child can ride splash, while your husband and other kid will use the baby swap pass for splash. Vice versa for big thunder. Now, just because your group has 2 different experiences, it still counts toward one FP selection. So you basically still have 2 more FP selections left, thus basically giving you 4 FPs for MK before you even step foot in the park. It sounds a little confusing, but I basically have between 4-6 FP selections for each park (except our second day at MK where we stuck with 3 because we for FPs for rides that don't require height checks. The ride swap only works for rides with height requirements so keep that in mind when trying to utilize!

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