Farewell Fantasia Flavor Ice Cream


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Yes folks. Those of you who loved Disneyland's own uniquely flavored ice cream will be sad to know that it has been discontinued due to lack of demand. The story is below.


Farewell, Fantasia

During summer 2003, Disneyland launched a resort-wide promotion to build brand recognition for its Fantasia ice cream flavor. The banana-pistachio-cherry-flavored concoction was developed for Disney, and was available exclusively at the Disneyland Resort.

Unfortunately, the promotion did little to boost sales of Disneyland's signature flavor, resulting in the park discontinuing production of the rainbow-colored ice cream. We've been told that Nestlé, manufacturer of the Dreyers brand ice cream now sold at the resort, decided that demand for the flavor was insufficient to justify continued production. Efforts to increase distribution of the flavor by also selling it at Walt Disney World fell through when foods managers at the Florida resort declined to add it to their menus.

There may be one tiny glimmer of hope for Fantasia fans everywhere. There is a rumor that Nestlé could offer the flavor as a limited edition during a promotion to support Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. If not, MousePlanet staff member Andrew Rich, a devoted Fantasia ice cream afficianado, offers fellow fans this back up plan: “It's not the same as getting it in the park, but you can visit your local Cold Stone Creamery (link) and have them mix up a batch. Ask for a base of sweet cream ice cream with pistachio syrup (and chopped pistachios if they have them—chopped walnuts if they don't) mixed with cherry pie filling and banana.”
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