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Fantasy in the Sky Music


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Hey everyone! I know there's a thread down below, but this is different. Anyone else a big fan of this music. I know its been the same show for quite a while, but I've seen it on the past two trips down there and its kind of become tradition. Does anyone have a particular favorite part? I LOVE the Davy Crockett part especially the gun crack! I always turn up that part, even though I've never seen the old TV show, its my fav part!!! Anyone else!

Irrawaddy Erik

Well-Known Member
I'm actually a huge fan of all the park music. It just gives me this great feeling. I love Grim Grinning Ghosts when the project the ghosts on the castle. I also love the Openning music. Gives me chills even after seeing it every night for almos 9 months
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