News Fantasmic!, Festival of Fantasy Parade and Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire to return to Walt Disney World


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I just watched it and while I'm glad it is back I also felt like I was watching something that was a shadow of its former glory... the impact of the cuts certainly makes it feel less spectacular... and the new ending music with the (and in my opinion stupid) cut of zip-a-dee-doo-dah just doesn't flow right!


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It’s a bit unfair to claim they just walk along. There is choreo, but 5 people who can’t touch each other can only do so much to fill the space between two floats.

In terms of impact on most guests, I would imagine the priority will be filling the floats with more characters first. They feel rather sparse.

This won’t be an issue for Fantasmic! thankfully.


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If they’re going to cut all the dancers can they at leas get some choreography for the ones that remain? They literally just walked the parade route waving. I’m assuming some of it is due to the fact rehearsals probably started during no touching rules? I really hope this isn’t what it looks like long term.
The whole parade actually got new choreography.
Choreography was cut at certain points on route due to rain so they were in fact walking and waving. But there is choreography that is well rehearsed and known by all involved.


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Just to be 100% clear, you’re taking a victory lap here because one Disney World parade has returned, with enormous and very noticeable cuts?

I don’t follow the parades that closely, but it was my impression that, not so long ago, three WDW parks had daily parades and one had an evening parade as well.

Now, I never thought parades were gone for good and I never really saw anyone claim parades weren’t coming back, but if they did… one parade’s partial return out of four still has them at about 80% correct.

As for performers returning… why would WDW bring them back? Guests are still paying exorbitant ticket prices and flooding the parks. Adding back performers won’t bring in any more cash, but it will cost a bit. From Chapek’s perspective… why do that?
Yes I'm taking a victory lap.

My litmus test is February/March 2020 before the world turned to hell. That's where the heart of my project marks it's comparison from. If you want to compare something further away, that's your right.

We were down a handful of characters because of Covid-protocol rehearsals - they will likely be back. Some characters got shifted to a new cavalcade with new characters that were never in FoF (Miguel, Zootopia, Moana). In terms of dancers and performers, can you never see them upping at all? And honestly do you think Festival of Fantasy is the last parade? It's going to go downhill from here only?

Let's be honest too, we don't even know if the parade would have changes in an alternate universe where Covid wasn't a thing from March 2020 to March 2022. I'm guessing we would have gotten something 50th anniversary driven and possibly at night.


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We know the body count deficit of this currently reduced FoF.

What's the body count surplus from the extra cavalcades?


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So is it going to be like this for the next 5 years until they pull another celebrate a dream come true?

I was thinking we’ll get a celebrate a dream come true style makeover for TWDCs 100th next year lol.

Wishful thinking entertainment improves overall after the 50th dies next year. 2023 can’t come soon enough so we can move past this 50th disaster. Hopefully the castle will return to normal and we can pretend the 50th never happened.

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