Famous people encounters at WDW

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We saw Courtney B. Vance and Angela Bassett at Beaches and Cream. Our waiter was a mess about having them in his area. They kept to themselves and honestly we didn't recognize them until he pointed it out.


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I've seen Warwick Davis many times at Stormalong Bay (BC/YC). Never bothered him since he was there enjoying the pool with his family. Seemed to be an incredibly nice guy!


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Alec Baldwin walking around Adventureland. Looked like he was in hurry. He had two bodyguard types walking behind him and some Disney people with him.


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I had lunch at the 50s cafe in DHS - at the next table over was Neil Patrick Harris, his partner and their kids. He was there for the Epcot candlelight processional.

In NYC at a popular diner I ran into Roy Scheider. Joey Buttafuoco and his entourage. Someone else too, but I forgot...


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Back in 2001 (maybe December 30th or so) I was waiting to eat at Teppan Edo and had to go to the bathroom. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith walked in right behind me. Pardon my language...but I can say "I've peed next to Steven Tyler."

It's always my "tell us something about yourself that no one knows" story. Also worth mentioning that this was only a year and a half after Rockin Roller Coaster opened, so it was still fairly new.


We were at Galactic Nights back in December and Warwick Davis, and entourage of smaller peeps which included what I presume was his wife and kids, came walking by to go back stage through the outside area of the Baseline Taphouse. A few hours later, they were eating at the ABC commissary a few tables over from us.

He had a little scooter and was trucking around the commissary at about 25 mph to grab condiments and what not.

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Saw Bob Hope being escorted around the Adventurers Club; same thing with Roseanne Arquette and Peter Gabriel. Calvert DeForest also made a brief appearance at the Adventurers Club one New Year's Eve.


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I saw John Stamos! He is adorable. Rosie O'Donnell used to film her show at the park and John Stamos was a guest. I saw him in the park but I didn't approach him. I also got to see Destiny's child and 2 cast-tribe members from Survivor. They happened to be guests of the Rosie show also.

I also got a glimpse of Neil Patrick Harris when he was the host of the Candlelight Processional. He's around the parks a lot during that time.

I was walking toward Splash Mountain & Big Thunder when I realized that I was walking at nearly the same pace as the actor who played the orginal AJ on General Hospital. I said hello. He wasn't very friendly and I was sort of dissapointed but I didn't disturb him. He was with a Disney cast member. Just when I thought the encounter was over, he waited until I caught up and he said hello and starting chatting, he asked me what my favorite rides were and what I'd suggest. It was really fun talking with him. I am a huge General Hospital fan. I had been to the Super Soap weekends at Disney many times to meet the soap stars but this was a fun random encounter.

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Christopher Reeves a few years before his desth and I kept missing/almost saw Billy Joel and his wife, back in early 90s ... Twice I was told I just missed them.

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I read from time to time about some stars wandering around Disney, the most recent John stamos. I never had one, can you post encounters you may have had?
Yes” walking down town disney walking west end, with mom and sister, just before dark. Saw this women in a long blue dress, she got closer i freeking out” its linda Evans . With some short guy, like 5’3 linda gave me this smile i will never for get. I was shocked to see her, thats when that show with jones Collins was on . And who did not have a crush on linda. You watched big Valley for her. The short guy must of been security .but she looked realy good. Wow”


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During our 2009 trip, my sons and I were in line for Big Thunder Mountain and I heard a voice that sounded familiar. I look over a few stalls and it was Lars Ulrich, the drummer from Metallica (actually a huge WDW fan, no kidding) with one of his kids and his security guy. I didn't say anything, didn't want to blow his cover.
Lars Ulrich’s voice is familiar to you?! That’s both insane and awesome at the very same time!!!


A few years back we were at MGM (that's how long ago) enjoying Osborne Lights. We just spotted the Black Cat when a young boy asked his VIP tour guide about the cat. She only replied it's hidden somewhere. I was going to tell him where it was but for some reason did not. Wish I did because his parents standing right behind me were Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. I didn't even notice them. As they were moving away my wife told me they were right behind me. I ran after them to get a picture of them (Michael was battling cancer at the time). I had a great shot of them heading back stage. They were all smiles and having a great time. It would of made a great picture for my Facebook page. Again I didn't take the shot, they were a family having a good time and I had no right to take their picture.

But I do have some grainy video of me almost walking into to him. I was recording the lights and wasn't paying any attention to the crowd. Let me finish with this, Catherine Zeta Jones is even more beautiful in person than on the screen.

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