Trip Report Family Fun in the Hot, Hot Florida Sun!!


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Hello All!! I'm back(unfortunately) from yet another wonderful trip to Walt Disney World. Lot's of fun & sweat(not trying to be gross but wow, was it ever nasty) was had by all!! Speaking of all--let me introduce you to our party of 10!! Most of these faces will be familiar to you but there are a few new ones in the mix!! I'll try to do this as simply as possible--
From left to right(somewhat): My sister C, my niece E(C & D's daughter), R(not sure why he's looking so miserable) & myself, in front of me(white shirt) is my niece B, in the green is E's niece L, my niece A(C & D's youngest) is wearing the blue glasses(when she remembers to put them on--her last trip to Disney prior to this one she actually left them at homeo_O), then we have "the same old crew" E & J, and last but certainly not least is my BIL D.
Whew--I'm glad you've met most of these people in the past--otherwise this could get very confusing!!:p

C's family was there June 13th-27th. They stayed the first week at their timeshare right outside of Disney. They spent their second week at our favorite home away from home. The rest of us were there June 18th-25th.

I'm looking forward to reliving the trip with you all--everything but the heat that is!! A big welcome to everyone reading out there!!:)


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I'm in too. We left POFQ on the 18th - but had a long day (flight cancelled, put on the last flight out, but hey - we got a bonus day at MK).


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Following along! I agree it was HOT HOT HOT, and it was cooler than the average temps. The one day it didn’t rain we missed the cool-down that came with it!
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