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Fall (Oct/Nov) trip recommendations - when to go.


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Back story: Last year after we decided to surprise our kids with an extended weekend trip to Disney we purchased annual passes. They were redeemed in November, so we have a year from the Nov 21st (or there abouts). Since then we did our extended trip in November, and we have our blow our trip at the end of April. To take full and final advantage we may want one last WDW trip. I think given how much we used the AP, it really does not owe us anything.

Now while away I can call for the bounce back promotion, the only issue I have is that we'll be inside the six month window for ADRs so I'm thinking of booking now and then trying to get a bounceback for that time frame when arrive in October.

Here's some thoughts, and considerations
  • Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in October
  • Some southern schools have an October break, I'd like to avoid that if possible.
  • Free meal plan, does that occur in Octoober, or is that more of a November thing?
  • Disney's Food and Wine Festival.
  • Is this overkill? We went in November 2015, April 2016 and now a possible Oct 2016?
  • Anything else?
I'm not totally looking for justification to go in Oct (or Nov) as I'll probably get it, given how many people here love WDW (as I do ;) ). I am looking for perhaps some time frames that will work best for my plan, i.e., go early November over late october because of the free meal plan, but then giving up on the Halloween party.

Nothing is written in stone at the moment, the wife and I have just started batting this idea around but getting some input now will definitely help


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First week of October, First two weeks of November.
Those are by far the BEST weeks to go for the fall.

First week of October(End of September.): Fall break has not started yet. It usually starts at the end of the first week of October. Why is this week good? I shall name the reasons:
  1. Not so Scary is going on. The shows never sell out this week, always a low turnout for the event.
  2. Food and Wine festival is steady during this time, but it isn't as busy because the locals have already been going there for a month.
  3. Halloween Horror Nights is also going on, however that is when that starts to get busy and the prices go up for it. (Sept is best for HHH.)
  4. As mentioned above, Fall break has not quite started. It's usually the first weekend of October when it starts, so going at end of Sept that leads into Oct is amazing. Even waits at the parks are minimal.
As for the meal plans, not sure those are going on during that time, they seem random. But it does happen.

I heard the first weeks of November are great as well because Fall Break is over. However you don't have the Halloween events and Food and Wine Festival is over.
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Since you were there for the Christmas décor last year I would go for Halloween this year. Typically October is a little slower than some of the months but I would still expect high traffic as "low" traffic is a thing of the past.

If you plan on going to the MNSSHP I would get your tickets in advance. The first couple of days and last couple of days of the party will sell out in advance. Tickets to most of the other dates can be purchased closer to the date of the party but will often sell out the day of the party.

Not sure if they will have free dining as every year there seems to be fewer and fewer free offers. However they should have some sort of package promo with reduced dining but most of the time the package is with the purchase of tickets. Maybe somebody else can speak to the promo's for AP holders. Typically I believe most of the AP holders go with the room discount.

Lately we have been allowing airline ticket prices determine when we go. We just pick a 2 or 3 week window and whenever the flights are the cheapest we book it. Prices of flight seem be like a roller coaster lately. I've been seeing prices change $100-200 per person depending on the day you look it up.
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Maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't think AP holders qualified for free dining since the plan hinges on you buying a pkg that includes park tickets. It has been offered sporadically at those times, but it's never a given.

October has been much busier in recent years. None of the schools in our area do fall break, but I know parts of the northeast and some of the other southern states do and it often revolves around Columbus Day.

If it were me, I'd be inclined to do an overlap trip where you go right at Halloween, get the fall stuff and watch the parks transition to Christmas. That way you get a bit of everything.
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