Extra Magic Hour or Not?


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My family is going to WDW next week. We're staying at CBR and I was wondering if it REALLY pays to use EMH or to avoid that park and go to another? We are planning on using E-Ticket Night once during our stay. We're also planning on taking afternoon siestas and changing parks for late afternoon evening.
I've been reading your posts for several weeks now and figured that you guys are the experts!:D Any suggestions would be so appreciated!


Personally, I am an early riser, so EMH works great for me. I go, do what I want to do, and leave when the park starts to fill up.


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I have used this before and I didn't really see any advantage to it really. It seems as though it does attract a lot of people to that particular park. I would probably find out when the early hours are and then avoid that park on that day. Not to mention that unless they have changed anything. The attractions that are opened during the early hours are limited.
I also like to use Early Entry Magic Hour - but if you want to go to a certain park one day and it is early entry and you don't go early, I recommend that you skip it altogether. It seems as though the fast passes are either many hours later in the afternoon if not gone altogether. Either way, have a wonderful trip - I just got back from two weeks in the sweltering heat - and still loved it just as much as in the winter.


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Traveling with a teen, we don't even attempt the early entry hours anymore. We do better take advantage of later hours and then we aren't all crabby.

Of course if you are all early risers, than the early entry hours could work out for you.


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Like so many things at WDW this is impossible to say for every person or group. We ALWAYS EE and it works out great for us. We are at the park when it opens and alredy know what attractions we lwant to hit. We can get several big attractions in before the big crowds come in---and there's nothing like walking down Main Street when it has so few people in it.

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