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News Extra Extra Magic Hours This Fall


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I am glad Disney is offering these extra extra magic hours and I'm sure they will be packed.

For me personally, there is not an attraction on the planet that could get me to be at a theme park at 6 a.m.
I think the great unknown is how the early access is going to affect the experience of those who arrive at the official opening time or later. If 5% of those who qualify for early entry show up, there will be in the region of 6,000 people already in the park at opening time; if 10% show up there could be 12,000 people already in the park when the gates open to everyone else. This would have a big impact on how crowded the park (which is much smaller than MK and EPCOT) feels and how long the waits for all rides are during the rest of the day.


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To catch up those just joining in:

From the time Star Wars Land opens on Aug 29 all the way to Nov 2, there are no upcharge morning times at any of the four parks. The morning upcharge times were called Early Morning Magic ($) and were taking place at the MK and DHS and they all end by the end of August.

The upcharge late night times called After Hours ($) (or Villains After Hours at the MK) that would take place in MK, DHS, and DAK will also not be available from the middle of August to Nov 2 at any park.

Neither Early Morning Magic ($) nor After Hours ($) took the place of Extra Magic Hours (EMH), the morning or evening times given to Disney Resort guests as a perk (which also included some Disney-related resorts).

From Aug 29 to Nov 2, the Extra EMHs are going to be every morning for DHS, MK, and DAK. There is no ticket for this, it's free to Disney and Disney-related resort guests. This is called Extra Extra Magic Hours, The exception is that for the first three days of the opening of SWL (Thur Aug 29 - Sat Aug 31) DHS will open at 6 AM to all guests. (Closes at 10 PM.) No EMHs on those three days for DHS.

Epcot is not included in the Extra EMHs. It will continue to have the regular EMHs twice a week, one in the morning and one in the evening. Note that the Food & Wine Festival begins the same day SWL opens.

During the month of September, the MK will continue to have evening EMHs on Wednesdays, but, that will end in October when the Halloween party goes to four nights a week.

Every day in September and October:
  • DHS: Morning EMH: 6 - 9 AM daily
  • DAK: Morning EMH: 7 - 8 AM daily
  • MK: Morning EMH: 7 - 8 AM daily
  • Ep: F&W begins at 9 AM daily. (Also one Morning and one Evening EMH per week.)

There has not been announced any upcharge event for special access to Star Wars Land. So far. It and the times above could change. But, anyone in this thread talking about an upcharge time for SWL has been joking.

As of now, there are no announced upcharge access times for SWL.

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