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Experiences Fishing at POR or Elsewhere on Property?

Cosmic Commando

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DS is really interested in the idea of fishing. My wife is the most experienced fisherman in our family... she has been once or twice. We thought it might be nice to pop in somewhere on property that has fishing; we figured they probably see a lot of amateurs. Anybody else fish at POR? Is there anywhere else on property to do it?


Wake me up when its over
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I have fished with our kids at POR. It's cane pole fishing and not really all that good. I have also done the guided fishing twice and would highly recommend it. It's a bit on the pricy side but you will likely catch fish and it's kind of cool to fish in 7 Seas Lagoon. All fishing on property is catch and release and I do not believe you are allowed to fish anywhere else besides POR or a guided tour and have seen people asked to stop fishing on the beach of Wilderness Lodge.
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My dad took my son fishing at POR for a couple hours. Between the two of them, they caught a tiny little fish. But my son was so excited because he caught it. They use real worms (not sure if that's an issue for you; it kind of grosses me out) instead of other bait.

So if your kids aren't big fisherman and you just want them to experience it, POR is probably fine.
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I have done guided bass fishing out of Saratoga Springs Resort. Ther were 3 of us with 20 fish caught in 2 hours. No real lunkers but a lot of fun.

Guide was excellent, put on on fish in 5 or six different locations between DTD and Old Key West resort.

We had to move several times because otters kept attacking the fish we had hooked.
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