Expedition Everest: Preview reports and reviews


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I have just posted a very detailed review based on several ridings at yesterdays' AK cast preview. It is very specific in terms of track layout, the Yeti animatronic, overall experience, etc. Enjoy.


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Fletch Anderson Revealed!!

I'd been following the Fletch Anderson website for weeks and just found out what the whole thing was about! I never would have guessed Disney was behind and that it was linked the the Expedition Everest roller coaster. I thought that the videos were for some new sitcom coming out. I even played the game on there and tried to guess what the clues meant. Disney's very sneaky! Did anyone guess what it was all about?


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Expedition Everest looks like a lot of fun. I didn't even know they were opening a new ride till I saw the promo on the fletch anderson site. That's a cool way of introducing a new ride.


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Expedition was an AWESOME experience, the videos don't do the yeti ANY justice in size... That thing is HUGE!!! Amazing movement. I would also like to say for all of last week the ride was up everyday with only one breakdown on Wednesday. Yeti was also in A mode all 7 times riding.


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The 8th Peak is at Disney World

OK, if you love Disney and you think Everest is cool, you gotta check out Fletch Anderson. He is this character that Disney created. He was introduced about a month ago through a documentry style website which claimed Fletch was looking for the 8th peak of the world. This was totally low key so you may not have seen it yet. So every week a new video would be posted on his site, showing Fletch in training for his climb (very funny becasue Fletch is totally unskilled at climbing). Then, low and behold, there are clues in each video, get them right and win somthing. Not sure what, but its deffinitly worth playing. Get this, in the end, he actually climbs Everst @ DWorld, haaaa! I mean this is done in true Disney style. Very fun. check out his website fletchanderson.com. My fellow Disney fans will love this one:hammer:


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Hiya i'm Kind of new to the boards.I really wanted to go on Expedition Everest but it wasn't completed when i came on holiday.shame because it looked like a really good ride!.ah well, i might be going back next year!!:king:


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Question about "A" mode

We rode everest in February when they had their "soft" opening and most of us don't remember a HUGE Yeti. Does the ride operate differently at different times? We are all stumped because we saw that this Yeti is absolutely HUGE and yet we don't remember it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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I am new to this "posting" thing as well as this type of website. I was wondering if you could tell me what "A" mode is? I posted a question out on the "thread"(?) about this but was wondering if you could answer the question directly. Thanks in advance.

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