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Ex-CEO Eisner Has Thoughts on Succession for Current CEO Iger


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"When we made the transition to Bob, it was always 'Bob Iger or who?' There was nobody even close."

Are you delusional? Are you trying to rewrite history? It was always "Bob Iger or YOU!" and you got voted out of the company. You didn't even resign to "spend more time with your family" like every exec does today, you waited until the voted were cast, which I commend you for. Please don't try to spin the truth.

Whoever they make CEO, I hope its someone who understands and has respect for all areas of the business.


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“Perhaps Iger wants to run for president when he’s done at Disney, Eisner said. “So pick one or the other. Maybe Disney would be more fun.”
Ya nuts? I’m sorry but if you think the current figment is “fun” I want you to not impact there decision