Trip Report Everything's Better Than Fruit Cake: a MARVELous Cali Christmas TR

PTR found here for those behind ;)

My way of slowly coming out of the lurking woodwork once again was found in a trip to the other Disney parks in the US for a race to avenge all races.

The Facts: 6 days, 4 people, 1 birthday, 2 races, and wayyyy too many pictures to count. In fact, the pictures that are going to be used in this TR were taken between all four of us... but mostly by either my dad or I.

The Cast

Us from last year's Christmas celebration


Courtney, 25, 5th grade Science teacher, runner of both the Hulk 5k and the Avengers 1/2, and major Loki lover. I'm also the one who hates all the pictures of her from this trip, anddd forgot all the makeup at home.

Iron Man
Aka, Shaun. The fiance. Also 25 (as of this past Wednesday that is!). He's the Iron Man fan (as you'll easily see during this TR), and ran his very first half over the trip.

Captain America
Aka the dad. Aka Sean (pronounced the same, spelled differently). 1/2 marathon runner. And avid funnel cake fan.

aka Angi. The Wolverine fan and our cheer squad. Also the dog lover of the family.

Andddd... anyone who knows me, knows I love to take stuffed animals with me! (Namely, Pascal. Except this trip :( ). So, our special guest:

The hotel: Peacock suites (ohhh just wait on that one...)

The Dates: November 13-November 18 (expect my parents, they went the 12-19)

So, as said above, my parents got to go a day longer than Shaun and I. He had class to go to, and I had a day of teaching that led to students all attacking me with hugs telling me not to go. :rolleyes: Not to mention, a lot of work to get my sub ready for 4 crazy days of 5th graderness.

While we were finishing up our stuff in Orlando, my parents were flying from Philly to Denver to LAX.

Their not so fun view...

We ended up not even sleeping Wednesday night. :oops: I had lesson plans to do, and presents to wrap, so we stayed up until it was time to go to the airport (at 4am).


the presents are all wrapped!

We ended up having to run into downtown area trying to find tape to wrap these around 1:30am. It was pretty sad. :hilarious:

Once we were out the door, we had to make a very important stop.


Oswald says let's go!!!

Next up... the airplane, the hotel, and seeing the parents finally!

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