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Trip Report Everything Is Just So Peachy Keen! *COMPLETED*

It certainly was for us Georgia peaches this last week! For those who may be new here, let us introduce ourselves. We are Tuvalu and Em, a mother-daughter duo who love traveling together to Walt Disney World. We take multiple trips per year (this was our third for 2022) and for us, time spent at our resort is just as important to us as time spent in the parks. Slow-paced relaxation is vital to us!

I’m sure this laid-back vibe is what draws people to cruises: pools, bars, a variety of restaurants and activities from which to choose . I can’t do ships. But I can happily “land cruise” at WDW!

Hope you decide to follow along and learn about the surprises on our most recent voyage.

When: July 20-27, 2022
Where: Disney’s Yacht Club and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resorts


Nothing can stop us now!

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