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News Evermore Orlando Resort - new billion-dollar, 10,000-room resort project is coming right next to Walt Disney World


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I’ll take bets: this is never gonna get off the ground
I think I'd take that bet -- assuming they've actually signed Hilton / Conrad. The initial build out is only for 1500 total bed rooms (presumably to include the Conrad). That seems plausible for a late 2023 (2024 with slippage) rollout. That's a bit over half the total rooms that Pop Century provides today. Now, whether the full buildout happens, is another question.

Start building now, for a (hopeful) return to historical travel levels by 2024 seems to make sense.



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Are lawyers in Utah typing up a cease and desist as we speak? I assumed this was a second Evermore property.
This is exactly what I thought it was until I clicked on the link. If Disney can have a LARP hotel, why not an entire resort to it next door?

I'm still waiting for them to break ground on Nevermore, the Poe-themed hotel.


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Well, my only hope for this project - if it actually gets off the ground - is that this model of vacation home use/ownership works and maybe causes a dump of some of the myriad vacation home subdivisions into the regular home market at "normal" prices instead of the crazily inflated prices they usually sell for.


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Where is this going? Here?


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The timing on this is... interesting, to say the least. I’m not sure if travel will ever “be normal” again, so this is an awfully big bet that it will.


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This venture is very close to the pyramid hotel Hyatt Grand Cypress close to Disney Springs. The Villas section where it will be built was a very popular golf resort destination. When it closed a few years ago most of the staff was laid off.

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