News Evening Extra Magic Hours replace morning EMH at Disney's Hollywood Studios in March 2020


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Last Sunday, I enjoyed my night at HS EMH evenings.

I flew over from Epcot and was able to ride both Tower and Aerosmith 3x apiece....all as a walk on. Pre-shows were not being utilized. The atmosphere of this park at night is one of my favorites. Glad it has returned.


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Cue the people who complain that they always get up at the crack of dawn and prefer the morning hours. :rolleyes: They will never satisfy everyone.


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I like the early hours with the kids, and the late hours for the adults in our group. This should be great if they continue it out into the summer.
When I’m making plans for our trip in May, do you think I should expect the morning EMH to be flipped to evening ones? It might make a big difference in which parks we’ll be at.
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