Trip Report Escaping the Weather in Disney World

Hi Everyone 😊

Welcome to my first trip report! I wasn’t sure I was going to write this, but after a day of being back home (😩) and drowning in the Disney blues, I thought it would be a good way to tide me over until my next trip.

I’ve grown up going to Disney World with my large family. Usually my trips include my parents, most of my four other siblings, their significant others, and my nieces/nephews, but this time it would just be me and my parents.


Our trip started on 1/21. I drove down to my parent’s place which is a 1.5 hour drive from my apartment. We planned on waking up and leaving at 4am on Sunday morning to make the 15 hour drive from Arkansas. I will not bore you with details of our trip down, but it was an uneventful trip and we safely made it to Lake City, FL where we stayed the night before finishing the drive Monday morning.

Before we knew it we were driving under the most anticipated sign known to man…


This was my first trip since the pandemic, so I was ecstatic! Entering the Disney bubble you feel an immediate sense of relaxation and happiness 😊 We made our way to my favorite value resort, Pop Century! We didn’t have any park plans today. We arrived around 1:30pm, but to or surprise we already had our room number on the app, so we found parking and started to unload. We were in building three of the 50s, so we had a great view of the lake and the skyliner!

Next up: exploring our resort and Disney Springs

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