Escape Wedding - After-Ceremony Meal???


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Hi everyone!

I have my phone consultation/meeting with a planner today and am hopeful that i'll be booking in/holding my spot at Luau Point for a small (10-14 guest) wedding! We are planning on a number of upgrades, like the cake and floral, maybe a ceremony musician, etc., but what I am super curious about is your input on post-ceremony meals. We know we want to have something, whether it's morning or afternoon, and we know that the options are either a private catered meal or something in a restaurant. Would you recommend one over the other for such a small party? I'm also hoping to add in a dessert party (hopefully Illuminations, if it's not gone by then!) so that is something we want to factor in.


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Do the Florida Escape packages not have a reception with them? At DLR they do I know, and it includes a meal.


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not sure if your booked up yet.
we had the choice and had a meal in citricos for 18 guests.
we got married at the grand floridian, had the cake and a firework cruise on the lake outside grand floridan and magic kingdom.
we found the catered meal was expensive and didnt have the choices we had in a restaurant.

the wedding was magical. hope you booked and have a great wedding
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