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Escape Package Private Meal Question?

Charlotte Louise

New Member
Original Poster
Hi! I'm from the UK and my boyfriend has hinted to me he is going to propose later this year and we've both agreed we would love to get married in WDW as Disney is such a big thing for us both!

I've looked countless times at the different packages etc and the Escape one would be best with our guest numbers. I don't think we would get enough people to make the Wishes one and I think some people wouldn't even be able to come that we would like to be there but I know we will have more than 4 people so the Memories package is out. Ideally I would love to get married at the Pavilion but my only worry is the Cake and Champagne service. 2+ hours doesn't seem like a lot of time for a wedding and we would like to have a sit down meal/buffet with our guests and have our first dance like at a proper wedding reception.

Does anyone know how Disney goes about private room hires for wedding receptions after the Escape Package ceremony? How much does it usually cost?

Thank you!!
We looked at this originally, but decided on a Wishes instead because we will most likely have 20-30 guests plus ourselves.

One option we explored was having the wedding and Escape package through Disney, then having a dinner reception somewhere in Disney Springs: we were specifically looking at Raglan Road since they have live music nightly and they'll let you do a first dance and such for photos.

Once we priced it out though, we were near a Wishes minimum, so we decided to just bump up.