News EPCOT International Festival of the Arts 2022


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Bob Chapek when he learns the popcorn bucket is $25 instead of $50


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My rule of thumb: If I can't get it from official Disney, I'm not meant to have it.
My friend had an item from 86 and I had an extra item from Kennedy. I'd say that was a fair swap. I've also gotten items from yard sales that people just didn't want any more. That being said new items only from Disney


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I hope that anyone going has a great time. We were able to finally attend one back in 2019, right before…well, the “thing” happened. Honestly I enjoy the food better than any other festival…however not so much the art. It really was weird seeing so many different booths have the almost exact same style of art…whatever it may have been…by completely different artists. It was like visiting the same booth over and over.


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I was actually thinking about that last night. But I wonder how many people would buy a 1 day ticket, make another MDE account to go in and buy 2 more of all the things. The way some of the pirates operate, I'm sure there would be some that would do that. If they jack the prices up enough (or maybe they'd even raise them more) I'm sure with enough stuff on the trip it they'd see it as worth it.
its easy to pay people to buy them for you, or bring several people with you. So no matter what disney does there is a way to get around it. Same way people have gotten around concert tickets for decades.


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7 hours for a popcorn bucket?

What do people do with them?
I tend to get the holiday ones and then use them as decor in my kitchen. On top of the cabinets and refrigerator. Better than a faux plant or basket. I wanted a Figment, but my Dad bailed after 5 minutes in line (he was by Odyssey). It was going to sit on the top of a small china cabinet that has other Disney collectibles. He'll try again on Tuesday if Disney ordered a bazillion of them (which they occasionally do) instead of a small amount that they want to sell out the first day and be done with it.


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Ya know, if suckers wouldn’t buy this stuff from the eBay trolls… never mind, that’s rational thought. And we all know people HAVE TO HAVE FIGMENT POPCORN BUCKETS!!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!!1!!!!!!

Edit: If anyone spends $250 on eBay to get this, I have no words to describe my level of disgust with you. I don’t know how you could ever rationalize that.


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Resell them on eBay?
And we have a winner. I assume that’s what a lot of this nonsense is. People on vacation won’t waste 7 hours.

Theres this 50th hoodie I saw on a mannequin in the Times Square Disney Store, of all places. None actually available. I look online—sold out through Disney but $150 on eBay.

People suck.

Maybe they’ll have them in the parks in April. But I doubt it.

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The cost of the bucket may only be $25, but there is the $100+ ticket requirement to enter Epcot. Transportation and hotel costs if you aren’t local. It’s cheaper for someone in Oregon to pay $150 than get from Oregon to Epcot to buy it themselves.

My rule of thumb: If I can't get it from official Disney, I'm not meant to have it.

Thats my general policy but I’ve bought a few items I really want on eBay if the price is reasonable. As hopemax said, for those of us who aren’t local it’s way cheaper than making a trip for something.

Disney could easily solve this (and make a fortune) by making things like this available on their website as a preorder… not sure why they don’t.

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