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Epcot Anthem....Where is it?


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During the D23 Expo when they announced the updates to the park they had played the Anthem to Epcot.

Was this song intended to be part of the Main Entrance Loop?? I would have thought that this was to be the new "Legacy" theme to the Main Entrance loop and spreads out to the other songs of the Pavililons like the other previous Loops and the current loop were hearing was just a filler loop until they switched it?


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Is it true that the current main entrance loop is just a stand in?

I don’t believe that is true

Didn't @marni1971 suggest that it was an interim solution?

It was good.... but not that good.

Anyway, the new new music was meant to debut when certain attractions opened. But they didn’t. So in the interim it was decided to still move away from the old loop to suggest the park - more so the entrance area - has been updated.


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Epcot already has five anthems and they're called Tomorrow's Child, New Horizons, We Go On, Golden Dream, and Promise.

I'm not even a "classic Epcot" guy but that soundtrack...



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CONFIRMED The Epcot Anthem was found in the Beacons of Magic light show..
I am ALL for this... I feel like if they had this tech when the park first opened, they definitely would have done this. This lighting show has an old school Epcot vibe to it.

Wish I could say the same for the rest of the park. They got the entrance so right and the rest so wrong.

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