News Eight part 'Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom' begins on Disney+ September 25


Would you recommend this series before or after a first tie visit to AK with a 6 and 7 year old (build excitement or create spoilers?)

Chip Chipperson

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I really enjoyed the first episode. Between the frustration of the Cast Members trying to lure the giraffe and the elephant that listened to commands perfectly, it was a great episode.


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I just wanted to do a little bump on this thread and say that this show has been an absolute delight to watch! My hubby and I have really enjoyed watching the show and have recommended it to friends and family.

As someone that enjoys seeing the animals at the parks, it’s been really exciting to see certain animals featured on the show and not only recognize them but get to learn more about their daily lives! It’s also tremendously heartwarming to see how devoted the CM animal caretakers and veterinarians are.

I am really hoping that Disney does more seasons of this show, and uses it as more of a means to educate and connect with guests in the parks and at home.

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