News Eight part 'Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom' begins on Disney+ September 25

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While I will watch this and love it I'm sure. It seems it will be about just the animals. I was really hoping for an ultimate tribute to the park. From design to construction, the rides, the animals... Animal kingdom is overall the best themed park in the states, arguably the world. To get a behind the scenes look at everything about the park would be absolutely fantastic.
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Joe Rohde, his wife Mel Malmberg and their two children have done a couple of 4 minute clips for the Disney Parks Blog that are worth seeing. It goes into specific detail of theming concepts and theming specifically in DAK.


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Thanks joe” for all the hard work, that you and all the cast members have. And do put in at ak. Its very well Worth it and its working with all the new births that have along. And keep the species on this planet.. thank you all..:


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This looks like new material, longer format stuff than the junk they've been putting up on YouTube, so good for them.

Imagineering Story was unfortunately all existing footage, mostly B roll stuff, a lot of it originated on YouTube. Only the interviews were new, which had some nice tid bits here and there, but overall pretty dry. The real story of Disney and Pixar is far more interesting. We got a taste of it through A Pixar Story and Waking Sleeping Beauty, but unfortunately we don't have great Parks documentaries. Maybe there are some books out there? I can only recommend The Pixar Touch which fills in some blanks here and there.

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